The NBA is “Superstar Driven” and is one reason it is fun to watch. One of my favourite past-times is hearing my husband quote an unbelievable amount of sports stats, often centered around the incredible achievements of the GOATs. It’s impossible to deny the formidable talent (both my husband’s ability to recall with great detail these stats and the stats themselves) and it’s amazing to be an audience to it.

Just for fun, I often will take the stance that LeBron James is overrated; this never fails to spur my husband into effectively presenting the arguments as to why he…

Here’s The Problem

Society does a poor job of preparing women and families for pregnancy and birth. We live in a censored, clean field of view and anyone who knows about birth knows that this is problematic when things start to get real. IYKYK.

As a result of my own experiences, I have a goal to ensure that the birth process is destigmatized, embraced and that women are properly supported through it. As a consequence of our censored view of the human experience, it may be very shocking to see what your body is capable of (but instead it should be celebrated).


Are you familiar with the concept of 10,000 hours? I learned about it via Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outliers; it states that it takes about 10,000 hours (5 to 10 years) to become good at something and I have adopted it as my expectation. I expected that at this point in my professional life I would be hitting my stride in an area of expertise where I could feel confident and assured in what I was doing. Instead, I am re-skilling in data science and will be embarking on a new chapter of my career, in a new industry. …

Did you see that coming?

You may be aware, but algorithms have changed on TikTok (& other social platforms) to measure views, in addition to likes.

So even as we only intend a voyeuristic peek at something we wouldn’t normally “like” or seek out, the algorithm knows you like it/are interested by virtue of how long you “stay” on the content.

This invariably leads to one traversing the realms of TikTok (e.g. Millennial TikTok, Ocean TikTok, Christmas Decoration TikTok) and give rise to some unexpected trends.

Something interesting crops up here as a result:

1) Have we consented to…

Have you heard of the company Flow Immersive? If not, you need to check out their TikTok page immediately, if not sooner. You are missing out on what the future is made of!

Flow Immersive explains IHME Model

It is the stuff of data scientist dreams — Flow Immersive is able to simulate an AR environment, to display data visualizations, ON A MOBILE DEVICE. (Their flat screen stuff is pretty great too) You do not need any specialized equipment. You do not need an understanding of AR. You do not even need a TikTok account! …

M E T A M O R P H A S I S.

thank you 2020.

thank you lay offs.

thank you losses.

thank you for the babies who caused the sleepless nights.

thank you boredom.


Thank you inspiration,

Thank you mentors,

Thank you those who pivoted already,

Thank you good days,

Thank you positivity,

Thank you friends and family.

Here’s to 2021. Bring. It. On. 🙌🙌🙌🙌

I have so much I’d like to share. Of my experiences. Of my perspectives. Of my optimism for the future. Of fostering inclusion and showing up as your authentic self.

So in the spirit of digital branding, I am going to share some content that reflects all this.

Won’t you join me in the future?

I did it! I took the plunge and I opened an e-commerce website. Allow me to say that again, because I can’t believe it — I opened an e-commerce site!

Check me out at

A huge “thank you!” to all my mentors and contacts out there who answered my questions as I explored my uncertainties. I have you to credit with giving me the courage to do it. You never once made me feel foolish for thinking I was smart enough to do this. Quite the contrary, you gave me your time, you opened your contacts to me, and…

Stacey McLennan-Waldal

Data Scientist, E-Commerce Business Owner, Chemical Engineer, Advocate for Women in STEM & Entrepreneurship. Momma of 2. A friend :)

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