Data doesn’t change minds, stories do.

Stacey McLennan-Waldal
2 min readJan 18, 2021

Have you heard of the company Flow Immersive? If not, you need to check out their TikTok page immediately, if not sooner. You are missing out on what the future is made of!

Flow Immersive explains IHME Model

It is the stuff of data scientist dreams — Flow Immersive is able to simulate an AR environment, to display data visualizations, ON A MOBILE DEVICE. (Their flat screen stuff is pretty great too) You do not need any specialized equipment. You do not need an understanding of AR. You do not even need a TikTok account! (In case you don’t know, you actually can view TikTok content without logging in…this is how you get addicted, FYI).

We all know that data does not change minds, stories do. Taken from this Dimensionless article:

“Data Storytelling is more important than obtaining insights from the data itself. There can be a lot of mind-blowing trends analyzed in the dataset but if the story-telling is not done properly ( if the result is not conveyed properly), the whole purpose of data analysis diminishes.”

Simon Sinek does the best job at explaining why data in and of itself does NOT change minds. Emotional arguments can not be won with data; they must be won with emotion. People are emotional creatures; we are powered by emotions. Thus we are hardwired to be motivated by the “why”.

Which is why I am so excited about what this could mean for communication within businesses; the Flow Immersive tool allows for the building of a great story around what the data is telling us, such that the recipients of the information connect with it, are are moved to take action (or in-action, as the case may be).

As a new Data Scientist, I am passionate about learning on how to connect the takeaways from the data in a meaningful way with the audience. If you are interested too, then Flow Immersive is one to watch!

Ps. Check out this article on the history of visualizations, it is endlessly fascinating! A personal hero of mine is Florence Nightingale.

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